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Do you have a Dream to Achieve?

Once we start interacting with this World – we generate our Needs / Wants !!

More often these needs have a price tag attached to it – say you need to buy a dress for yourself or a toy for your kid or may a gift for your Girlfriend !!

Most of the times, we find ourselves in need of enough funds to fulfill these Needs. And after these fund shortages, we create Debts/loans unknowingly. Sounds like you ?? Then you really need to take a single step at once !!

Follow through the post and soon you will be relieved with such issues !! And all you need is

1) Excel

2) Discipline

Now lets discuss, how these two are going to help you !!

The further discussion is suitable when – 

1) If you receive a fix pocket allowance

2) If you earn by a job

3) If you do business/chores and earn through that

As a first step, download our Goal Setter Sheet. You can use it as an excel sheet and edit in computer or you can generate  your PDF version which you can print out.

Now, how to use this template – 

Fill in your Goal and its price.

Add a picture of the Goal. This will keep you motivated !!

After that you need to decide in how many months would you want to achieve your goal.

You will get to see the Amount you would need to Save per month. So this is your target for every month. 

On the right side, you need to fill month and the amount you saved in that month.

By this, you can see how and when you can achieve it !!

Happy Savings !!

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